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Judy Eastham from Olympia on Jan 01, 2014

The lady at the pet store told me her German shepard chews on his x large one for at least two weeks. I have a Boxer and a Goldendoodle. So I figured if a Shepard can make one stretch for 2 weeks I'd put two on my credit card ( not cheap). Well to say I was disappointed is an understatement Less then 24 hours my Doodle had it down to 2". And my Boxer had 1/2 left of his. If I had bought them Steaks it would have been cheaper and they would have love it just as much. Either that German Shepard is a whimp or my dogs are 4 legged chain saws. I won't be going into debt again.

Cheryl from Grand Rapids MI on Dec 26, 2013

I have a 16 pound terrier mix. He really enjoys this chew. After reading the reviews I am cautious with it as he chews. He only gets it for about 20-30 mins at a time and I am in the room with him. He has had no stomach upset from them. He has not broken off a piece but has gnawed at it almost to a point which I will try to break off eventually? Anyways it's a hit with him and I would just advise people to watch their dogs with them as you should with any chew.

Joan from Bronx, NY on Dec 25, 2013

We gave our Nellie one of your chews for Christmas and she hasn't put it down for hours; not even for any of her new squeak toys which she adores. I love that it's a milk based product as she has an allergy to beef. Thank you!

Libby from Canton MI on Dec 07, 2013

I started buying these chews because they are all natural and easily digested! My dog Juno has a liver disorder where she cannot process glycogens, and she cannot have many treats especially ones that contain red meat products. Even rawhides are off the list :( But she is allowed dairy and egg product and when I saw these treats make from milk product I thought Id give it a try. It is the ONLY chew that doesnt give her diarrhea or cause further issues with her liver. And it lasts a LONG time! I love that there is no waste since you can microwave the last bit. Its not greasy, slimy, smelly, or leave stains and residue on my floors. It is WONDERFUL. As to the testimonials of dogs swallowing them whole....choose the right size for your dogs weight and SUPERVISE. If your dog swallows whole, they should not be having these kind of treats anyways...defeats the purpose of a long lasting chew! I would love to see coupons or discounts if you buy in bulk!

Michelle from Wixom, MI on Dec 02, 2013

My dog hates everything. She won't eat most treats. That said, she LOVES these chews! They seem to last forever, don't stink or feel gross. Thank you!!

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