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Jill from Emeryville, CA on Feb 03, 2012

We call these 'crack bones', our dogs love them SO much! They last a really long time, and they never get sick from them like my dog sometimes does from other chews.

Kelly T from Harrisburg, NC on Feb 02, 2012

My dogs LOVE these treats! Although, they are more like bones since they are hard. I take a large one and break it for my two dogs to share. This is the only treat they will share...meaning that it doesn't matter which dog got which 1/2, they see it, it's in the mouth being chewed. It really helped my puppy with her chewing. Best treat EVER, next to antlers.

JoAnne ONeill from Madison Twp. on Jan 29, 2012

Oh I completely disagree as far as being fragile goes! If they were fragile how would they last so long!! I have a 20lb. dog and a 120lb dog! They both love them! Most importantly they are good for them and they last sooo long! They lick and chew them for hours at a time! Almost like giving a baby a pacifier!! I highly recommend them and I rarely do that unless I'm completely satisfied and that I am!!

Amy from Milwaukee WI on Jan 25, 2012

I'm really dissapointed, as they keep breaking. I bought two. The first one I bought fell off a small coffee table onto a wood floor and broke into two small pieces. I called you, and you sent me a replacement for the broken one. I gave my puppy that one, and he dropped it on wood floor - and yup, it broke! Stupid me didn't return the third one to the store - I gave it to him. Again -- as soon as he dropped it from his mouth onto a hard floor it broke into a couple of pieces. The pieces are small enough that I can only let him chew on them for a few minutes and then I have to take them away. Awfully expensive for a chew that is this fragile. I will NOT be buying these again!

Lauren from Ontario on Jan 12, 2012

I've bought these chews a few times and my dogs love them. I buy the x-large chew and they do last a long time if you monitor and give them the chew for short periods of time. I have a Bull Terrier and a Basenji/Cattle Dog mix. I give them the chew for 15 minutes, once a week. Doing this, the chew lasts about a month and a half. The chew are great and my dogs will continue to enjoy them.

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