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Megan from Santa Monica, CA on Dec 17, 2011

My 13 month old cavalier king charles loved these. (Bully sticks were too rich and smelled awful) When they would get down to the last inch I would throw them away because I didn't want him to choke. Then someone at the pet store recommended microwaving the ends to turn them into biscuits. I did. Two days later after throwing up for 4-5 hours straight I took my dog to the vet and learned he has pancreatitis! The himalayan dog chew was the only thing he had eaten besides his food. His regular vet and the vets in the animal hospital agreed that the dog chew was the cause of the pancreatitis.

Shannon from Massachusetts on Dec 12, 2011

Our chihuahua, Chippy, LOVES these chews! They last far longer than any of his other chews. We love that they are natural, healthy, long-lasting, and smell good... and he pretty much just loves them period. We take the chews away from him once they get down to a small enough size that we worry he might choke on them. But it takes a long time (several days) before that happens. These really are long-lasting treats. It's great that they smell neutral -- it's fine for him to chew them while on our couch since it won't smell disgusting afterwards. Some of the other chews out there smell so gross that we only let him eat them in certain locations in the house. I also appreciate that these treats are more humane than others on the market, since they're made with milk rather than animals themselves. If these ever were to go out of production, I'd want to stockpile them first!

Sarah from Fair Oaks, CA on Dec 02, 2011

My vizsla loved these chews, but ended up shearing off the side of her molar. She tried, and was sometimes able, to break off chunks of the chew before they softened up as advertised.

Josh from Minneapolis, MN on Nov 30, 2011

I have a 14 lb doxie that could probably chew through concrete-- I gave him one of these and was amazed to find that it took him days to finish one off. Am happy to also report that his bullystick induced gut-aches/diarrhea do not occur with this product. We couldn't be happier, worth every penny.

Debbie Zurow from Portland, OR on Nov 19, 2011

I have a Wheaten Terrier who loves to chew her bones. The organic brand of raw hide she likes is no longer made. Every other bone I have tried either makes her sick or does not last. I just bought the Himalayan Chew and 3 hrs of chewing later she is only half way through. My only problem is she likes it so much she will not let go of it. I guess I will need to go back and buy more. Great product, thanks!

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