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Stevi and Apollo from Rochester NY on Sep 15, 2011

My house was once a grave yard of barelly gnawed on dog chews. He is a large St. Bernard so you can imagine how upset I would get at night tripping over giant rawhides on the way to th bathroom. Well now that I got Himalayan dog chews he eats all his snacks and its smooth sailing to the bathroom at night. cheers to the locals in the Himalayas for creating such a tasty treat.

Denise from Naperville, IL on Jul 03, 2011

My 5 year old puggle, Petey loves these treats! He loved rawhides, but due to his allergies, our vet has us change his diet to a natural diet. While I was getting his food, one of the female employees at Dog Patch informed me that her dog too has allergies and loves Himalayan Dog Chews. I brought one home for Petey and I have been buying them now for a little over a year.I told my parents about these dog chews and they buy them for Zoe, their 12 year old rottweiler. Thanks for coming out with such a wonderful, natural treat!

Cyndi P from Minneapolis, MN on Jun 28, 2011

I have given my Golden bully sticks in the past, and he too can downs them in no time. Told the Himalayan Bone typically last hours, that was our experience. However, I have been cleaning up puck for the past 12 hours. My dog has a sensitive stomach for these types of chews and eats a raw diet (total animal, totally ground - no fillers at all). Won't try these again......too bad he really liked it.

Aj from Tacoma, wa on Jun 01, 2011

I purchased one yesterday, well one for Gotti he is a 3 month old Cane Corso. I also Got one for Tyson, he is a year and a half old Yorkie. I dropped tysons to break it so he could carry it, got a large. I couldn't find the other 2 pieces at all. Gotti seemed to have crazy bad diarrhea this morning when we woke up. I am wondering if he swallowed these two pieces. Do you think this will create blockage or anything? Or do you think his stomach will break it down?

Michele from Milwaukee,WI on Apr 24, 2011

I am owned by a 7 year Rottweiler who loves to chew on bones. I am always open to new ideas as for chew toys and while shopping at my local dog bakery for dog food I was introduced to your product. I bought one for my girl and found this to be the best chew product. Although she can down an XL one in a day she is not bored anymore. I love that it is all natural since I am big into raw feeding. My girl will now turn down a bone for a Himalayan Dog Chew. Thank you!!!!

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