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pattie heyl from shoreline, wa on Dec 01, 2012

ok, we just gave the pups their proportional birthday tillamook ice cream and they loved it, but the second birthday treat was the Himalayan dog chew made of Yak & Cow Milk, Salt & Lime Juice seems to be the real hit tonight! I am really impressed with this dog chew

Ted from Grand Haven, MI on Nov 15, 2012

I have bought these a few times for my dogs but they don't seem to agree with them. First of all, they will and do eat them but are not over the top for them. Secondly, They have both recently thrown up a big piece of the chew, which leaves a terrible smell. It took me awhile to figure out why my bedroom was smelling so much for a few days but turns out that it was just a piece (and nothing else) of a Himalayan chew, under my bed. I also recently have noticed that one of my dogs seems to smell a bit more than normal, as he has some skin issues but I now believe that it is these nasty things, It is a real pungent smell - maybe it was coming out of his skin?? It seems less, now that he hasn't had one for going on three days now. I will just stick to good old "safe" rawhide, as I have never had an issue like this. These things are gross and over priced!

Lindsay from Blue Bell, PA on Nov 12, 2012

Heard about these from another pet owner who raved about how they didn't leave little sticky pieces everywhere and lasted a while. I bought one and gave my Banjo ( a 6 month old lab/boxer/cocker spaniel mix <---total guess! he's a mutt) and he loved it and so did I. They aren't stinky and didn't leave pieces any where and I though it would last a few hours but it is still about the same size when I took it out of the package and he was working on it for most of the day. He even started trying to bury it in the couch and got frustrated so I had to take it away without him noticing.. I think he wanted to save it for later but couldn't find a proper place for it. Poor little guy. Anyway! Love these and will be buying again! I'm weary of rawhide so this is a perfect solution.

Michelle from Strasburg,CO on Nov 08, 2012

I found the Dog Chews today for the first time. My Tibetan Mastiff's loved them. My boy doesn't like treats but he ate this. So happy to have found something I can give them.

Susan from West Bloomfield on Oct 15, 2012

A couple of years ago I was visiting in the Baltimore, MD area and had some time to kill before meeting my friends. I saw a pet store and decided to check it out. Interesting place, with lots of treats & toys I'd never seen before then. I spotted the Chews and decided to bring them back home as a 'souvenir' for my shterrier (shnauzer/terrier). He tossed it around a few times (like it was a toy) and then.. WOW, did he go after it! He chewed it persistently and just loved it! I won't buy him rawhide, so the naturalness of these chews makes us both happy. I've just introduced them to a couple of his 'friends' and they seem to like them too. Success all around. Thanks people!!!

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