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Josh from Minneapolis, MN on Nov 30, 2011

I have a 14 lb doxie that could probably chew through concrete-- I gave him one of these and was amazed to find that it took him days to finish one off. Am happy to also report that his bullystick induced gut-aches/diarrhea do not occur with this product. We couldn't be happier, worth every penny.

Debbie Zurow from Portland, OR on Nov 19, 2011

I have a Wheaten Terrier who loves to chew her bones. The organic brand of raw hide she likes is no longer made. Every other bone I have tried either makes her sick or does not last. I just bought the Himalayan Chew and 3 hrs of chewing later she is only half way through. My only problem is she likes it so much she will not let go of it. I guess I will need to go back and buy more. Great product, thanks!

Suzanne D. Sarlls-Hartwell from Sherwood Twp., MI on Nov 17, 2011

I purchased one of your chews for one of my 7 dogs who is a heavy chewer. Actually, they all are, but he is the worst! Raylan LOVED this chew. This 58 lb Siberian husky only got through half of this chew over the full night. The next morning my little basenji boy stole the remaining half of the chew out of Raylan's crate and chewed on it for a couple of hours and didn't even make a dent in it! WOW.. AMAZING! It is now back with Raylan and he has another full night of chewing ahead. This was a great treat I was 100% comfortable giving to my dogs because I knew what was in it, AND it has stood up to the brutal chewing of my boys! GREAT product!!!

timeka richardson from plainfield ,il on Nov 13, 2011

Hi I purchased 2 puppy Bull Mastiffs,that are now 4 months. Beautiful babies!!! :) I visited our local doggie boutique , I asked the young lady for a bone that would keep my girl busy,seeing she is the chewer.She introduced me to your product. WOW!! I brought it home and the fight began, really the fight. All of a sudden he didn't want her to have it. So today I had to go back to the store and purchase another one. I also have a salon that I allow pets and would love to offer these to my pet loving clients. Pls let me know the prices. Thank God for this bone. They are still chewing 1h later :) Timeka

John from Santa Rosa Beach, FL on Oct 29, 2011

I give the 6.0 oz Himalayan chew to my St. Bernard, Buddy for an hour a day. When he's chewing on it, nothing else seems to matter. What a great natural treat to give your loving dog, Thanks.

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