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Riley's Mom from Ellicott City, MD on Jul 09, 2012

I have a 16 month old golden and he is a chewer!!! He loves these! He will chew for hours, and the pieces he gets off are so small, he won't choke. The only bad thing is that they are very expensive and are not widely carried, you have to go to a specialty store. I wish they sold them in multipacks, at least you'd get more for your money. Glad to help people in Nepal and am glad to give my dog a healthy treat, but the cost prohibits you from using this as a constant bone. I would love to know how you get the tiny pieces into a biscuit in the microwave. They guy at the store told me to wet it and nuke it for 20 seconds and it would blow up to a bigger bone, but it didn't work. Can someone post how you do that?kmu7fa

nk from Seattle, WA on Jul 02, 2012

We were trying to find a chew treat for our whippet mix that was long lasting, natural, hard and "non-slimy”. Antlers were close but the doggie thinks they’re too hard. Nylabones tasty but too plasticy and ripped up her gums. Yaksticks were perfect in all aspects and doggie approved. I love the simple ingredients and how “clean” they are compared to a rawhide or bullystick. When I bring her to work I’ll get her the biggest size available from the local pet store and she will turn it into a project that will last her hours of happy gnawing. It does sound a bit like a construction site when the Yakstick is wedged between my wood desk and her busy jaws. Her teeth are looking so much whiter now that she’s getting a proper chew. In the year that she’s been getting them had one incident of stomach upset. But compared to the 10 minutes for a $1 pig ear that comes with a guaranteed 2 day tummyache, I think it’s absolutely worth it. Bring more in larger sizes and funny shapes!!

Breyanna from Dallas, TX on Jun 24, 2012

Thanks for the wonderful treat! My 1 year old maltipoo LOVES IT! I think this is a wonderful product! I'm telling all my friends about it! The best part is that you can pop the small left over pieces in the microwave and they turn into biscuits! WOW!! WE LOVE THEM!

Lisa from Iselin, NJ on May 18, 2012

I have a 35 lb 1 1/2 year old black lab mix. She is an extremely aggressive chewer so I was very excited to find these all natural dog chews. Unfortunatley my excitement did not last very long. The chew came in the mail today and my dog finished it in an hour and a half! I thought this was supposed to be long lasting for "hard-core" chewers? Very expensive for a treat that didn't last long at all. Very disappointed!

Annette from Glen Carbon, IL on May 16, 2012

Finally! A chew that my dachshund doesn't devour in a day. I ended up getting one for a larger size dog for the male since he is an aggressive chewer and our female I got the smaller size. I love that they don't smell, stain, and is good for them. Thanks for a great product!

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