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Parth from Irvine, CA on Mar 18, 2013

These things are basically a fix for every dog-chew problem out there: 1) They last long unlike your typical Petco-bought chew. 2) They don't break off into small chokable pieces like rawhide does. My dog just grinds her teeth on it and nibbles to pull of extremely small pieces 3) My dog stay interested unlike Nyla bones which she gets bored of. 4) NO SMELL! Huge deal when compared to other treats/chews. 5) No digestive problems. My dog is quite the diva when it comes to new treats and will get loose stool from almost anything. Not these chews. I haven't tried the microwave trick yet, I had been throwing out the pieces when they got small, but it's pretty awesome that there's a way to prevent being wasteful (like with deer antlers) Only problem is they are somewhat hard to find since they're not sold at the local Petco and PetSmart but definitely worth it. Seriously, these things were such a lifesaver, I was about to give up on chews assuming each one had some kind of problem...

Patricia McFerren from Lancaster, Pa on Mar 13, 2013

These are the best...my dog loves them....not easy to find in this area after moving from New Orleans...have to get by mail now but well worth it!

Nina Paskowitz from CA on Mar 10, 2013

hi. i met you at the expo yesterday...my dogs are in heaven from your dog chew..the big piece i broke in half...they went crazy and kept busy all night...that was a great relief to me, and let me have a bit of quiet time too. i am the gal with the crazy dog that ate my pilates chair...nina... thank you again for samples, nina..

Pam from Maryland on Feb 20, 2013

We have two pugs (a 6 yr old and 5 month old) I bought 2 large chews 2 months ago and we are just about ready to get new ones. I am very pleased with the chews and the dogs are too. They don't stink or get disgusting and are obviously long lasting for us. The dogs have unrestricted access to them and may spend an hour or two at a time chewing (especially the younger pug). The chews have been a great help in managing the rambunctious, high energy, short attention span of a 5 month old puppy and she doesn't get into trouble for chewing things she shouldn't near as much any more.

Lisa from Salem,OR on Feb 07, 2013

I wish you guys made the Yaky puffs in a smaller size! It works great for training treat, but my little girl kinda looks at me weird when I take a hammer to her treats.

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