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Eryn from Belvidere, IL on Aug 07, 2013

Bought our yorkie some small ones, as an alternative to rawhide bones. She will sit and knaw on these for several hours at night and one will last her for a week or two. She loves the puffed pieces at the end as well. Will be going to buy another package soon!

Carrie DeLauder from Panama City Florida on Aug 06, 2013

Explored many treats and was suggested I try your Himalayan treats for my Zuchon puppy DaVinci. These chews are his favorite and keep him away from chewing up my chair legs and furniture. He especially loves it when I microwave the smaller pieces as an extra treat. I don't like the smell but he comes running when he smells it cooking. lol

Heidi from Aurora, IL on Aug 04, 2013

I have am staffs and they have eaten raw so they chew these instead of gulping. One will last about an hour (with the jumping on and yak-chew-killing moments adding about 15 minutes to total time). I'm satisfied. I also feed them the smaller ones. The price is a factor for sure, it means they wont be able to have it all the time, but I have told friends and puppy people about these and feel if we can get the word out perhaps the price may go down with a greater supply being made? Anyway, love your product!

Sharon from Indianapolis, IN on Jul 21, 2013

I agree with JEN (Vegas). I bought the large ($8.99-on sale) instead of XL ($19.99-not on sale) because of the insane difference in price. I have a (55 pound lab) and he chewed about 1/3 of it in 10 minutes. I returned it to the store. I would rather spend $10-$20 on other treats and really feel like I got my money's worth. With this product, while I knew my Lab enjoyed it, but I can't justify the cost for something that doesn't last very long. Very disappointing!!!

Lynne from mattoon il on Jul 19, 2013

have been trying to find these, at price other than 16.00 plus SH for one 2x1 No way. My girls get what I feel is best.. They are very very picky But by chance found them at Petsmart, bought them home, freezer then gave then to girls, instant hit. Shocked but happy mom. Not a daily treat but great from freeze. Coupons please. I now have a collection of sizes, and at very reasonable price. Esp for Petsmart. Have been multi gen., dog lover, trainer shower ect. Rescuer!!!!!

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