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Tammy from Auburn, WA on Jan 11, 2014

To all my DOG LOVING FRIENDS! I just bought a chew treat recommended by a man that works at Pet Pro. We all know rawhide is a no-no because it can't be digested - and bullysticks can be digested and dogs love them, but they stink and can leave spots on the carpet. Welcome, Himalayan Dog Chews! Made of nothing but yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. They are hard - my girls (a Boxer and a Boston Terrier) have been working on theirs for an hour now and not a mark. My Boxer can wipe out the best chewy in record time - not these. They are enthralled! Best thing? When they get small enough you worry about swallowing, put them in the microwave for 45-100 seconds and they puff up and can be reshaped to keep on going as a crunchy treat! Less expensive that the 3' bullies I was buying. I think they're a GREAT value! Happy, happy at the Larsen house today!

Judy from Flagler Beach FL on Jan 10, 2014

My 14lb cockapoo is a voracious chewer, plus he's still a puppy so has tons of energy. I give him the 55 and under chew which he will gnaw on for as long as I allow (I do supervise him). He loves them - I love them because they're clean, they're natural and they sure keep him busy. For the long time they last they are really economical too.

Sara from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on Jan 08, 2014

My two pugs absolutely love these chews. The girl especially, who came from a rescue and had pretty awful teeth, loves these! They help keep her teeth clean and her gums strong. Plus, they last for weeks! These are my absolute favourite chew on the market.

Rebecca Randolph from Richmond on Jan 05, 2014

Garth got his first Himalayan chew for Christmas this year and he LOVED it. Garth LOVES to chew, but I've had to take away his antler because it was wearing down his teeth, so I've been looking for a healthy, safe alternative. I give him bully sticks, but they don't last very long - he usually goes through one in about 20 minutes. He tried his first Himalayan chew last week, and it kept him busy for > 2 hours! I bought a large size, for dogs 55 lbs or more, which was just right for Garth (who weighs 56-59 lbs) and is a strong chewer. After a couple hours, there was a small piece left, so I took it away from him and heated it up in the microwave the next day. In the microwave, the small piece expanded to about 3 times its size and became crunchy and easier to chew. Garth enjoyed that as well. Himalayan Chews are expensive, but I think they're worth it for almost 3 hours of continuous chewing time. (I'd have to buy 6-8 bully sticks to get that much chew time, but I can't give him more than one bully stick at a time.) If I took the Himalayan chew away from Garth after about 20 minutes, it would last for days. I think Himalayan Chews are a great product, but they're not like bones or antlers that last a really long time -- they're more like extra long-lasting bully sticks. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Trish Gautier from Hurricane, WV on Jan 02, 2014

All of my Belgian Malinois got a chew for Christmas and they LOVED them! What I really liked about them is when they get small you put them in the microwave and they puff up into an easily eaten crunchy treat. I will definitely be getting them more!

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