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Rachel from Joplin, MO on Jul 03, 2013

I had heard about these treats awhile back, and today was browsing an add from a local pet supply store. I saw these treats and researched them again. I am very picky what I give my 2 Alaskan Malamutes. We bought them each 1 large, up to 80pound size dog Himalayan Dog Chew. The have done nothing but chew on them for 2 hours now. I just checked on our girl and she has almost 1 inch left. The next time I will be getting the larger size, and there will many next time treats. I love they have limited ingredients and no FDA recalls. This will be their new special treats from now on. The next treats will be the extra large though haha.

Nancy from Portland, Oregon on Jun 24, 2013

My 10 week old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dylan, full of life and growing strong needed a pet chew that lasted and didn't break down and most importantly tasted good...a pet shop owner recommended the Himalayan Dog Chews...trust me they are the BEST for a teething puppy! Great product...thank youi!

Sandi Minkel from Tucson, AZ on Jun 18, 2013

We needed something to help keep Trixie, our newly rescued min pin puppy, nourished and occupied. Maggie, the dog trainer at Petsmart, recommended these. Trixie would drill right through standard rawhides, but this gave her more of a challenge and, since nutrition is an issue for her, we were pleased to give her something healthy. She loves them! I was happy to see the look of bliss on her busy little face as she worked away on it and was amazed at the way the bar expanded and took on the texture of a malt ball when the last bit was microwaved. Thanks for a great product!

Michelle from Portland, OR on Jun 15, 2013

If your chew hasn't puffed, you just didn't microwave it long enough. We had to microwave ours for 45 seconds.

Drew from Charleston, SC on Jun 14, 2013

Bought your chews on a relative whim...my dog loves antlers but I was looking for something new. Loved the tiny number of ingredients, the pretty small size of the company and thought I would give the yaks a try. Well my dog LOVED it. And it puffed up beautifully, to about the size of a real big brownie. Took to it right away. However the next morning she vomited and had the runs. I reckon it is just because the protein is so high in this treat, and she ate half the medium sized bone and there were some undigested chunks in her vomit the next day. I still think it is a great treat and will try the other half hoping my dog's system gets used to it. But be cautious because it is so rich! Supervise!! Thank you.

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